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Free Shipping Over $60 ~ Flat Rate Shipping $6.95 Up to $60

Accessories for Interchangeable Knitting Needles

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Cable Connectors are “Tic Tac” sized pieces allow you to join two or more cables together. Small connectors fit onto all Small cables (US 2-8). Large connectors fit onto all Large cables (US 9-15). MINI connectors only work with the MINI cables and tips (US 000-1.5).

Adapters are made of stainless steel and will allow you to go from a Small interchangeable TWIST/SPIN tip to a MINI interchangeable TWIST cable, or from a Large interchangeable TWIST/SPIN tip to a Small interchangeable TWIST/SPIN cable. 

End Stoppers are rectangular-shaped resin pieces which screw into your cable ends to hold a current project while using the tips for another project. White Small end stoppers fit onto all Small cables. Black Large end stoppers fit onto all Large cables. Red Mini end stoppers fit onto all MINI TWIST cables.

Mini Tools Kit comes with a gripper, two end stoppers, two cable connectors, six stitch markers and two tightening keys. To be used with the TWIST MINI Interchangeable system only.